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Architect of planned cap on social care costs gives evidence

10 July 2020

The Committee's examination into options for social care funding reform continues with evidence from leading economist Sir Andrew Dilnot, who chaired the 2011 Commission on the Funding of Care and Support.

Lord Forsyth, Chair of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee which advocated free personal care, will discuss research into alternative social care funding options.

Unlike the NHS, social care support in England is currently means-tested – only those with assets under £23,250 are eligible for Government funding. MPs will hear from social care service users on the direct impacts of the means-tested system continuing the Committee's inquiry into social care funding and workforce.


  • Please note there is no access to Parliament
  • Session will have remote participation by witnesses and Committee members

Tuesday 14 July

At approx. 10.00am:

  • Kevin Caufield, Disabled person and strategic lead for co-production, Hammersmith and Fulham Council
  • Pamela King, former carer

At approx. 10.30am:

  • Lord Forsyth, Chair, Lords Economic Affairs Committee

At approx. 11.00am:

  • Sir Andrew Dilnot, former Chair, Commission on Funding of Care and Support
  • Yasuhisa Shiozaki, former Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan
  • Deborah Gray, care user

Previous evidence

The Committee heard evidence on the social care funding gap in its session on 23 June.

Further information

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