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Social care: funding and workforce


The reopened Social care: funding and workforce inquiry seeks to establish how much extra money would need to be spent by government in each of the next five years to counteract the impact of a shortage of care on the NHS. Shortages in the social care workforce and what solutions need to be found to address changes in the years ahead will also be considered.

The inquiry was paused in March to allow the committee to focus its efforts on the crisis posed by the outbreak of the coronavirus. In addition to the previously announced Terms of Reference, the inquiry will also consider what further reforms are needed to the long-term social care funding system.


Terms of reference:

  • What impact is the current social care funding situation having on the NHS and on people who need social care? 
  • What level of funding is required in each of the next five years to address this?
  • What is the extent of current workforce shortages in social care, how will they change over the next five years, and how do they need to be addressed? 
  • NEW What further reforms are needed to the social care funding system in the long term?


Submitting evidence:

The Committee welcomes short evidence submissions addressing the issues raised in the Terms of Reference. The original deadline was 5 June and submissions made by that date have been received and [will be] made available to the Committee [shortly], but evidence will be accepted throughout the course of the inquiry

More information on our inquiries and on how to submit evidence can be found on our website