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How can all corners of local government in England come together to pave the way to net zero?

6 September 2021

Environmental Audit Committee continuing its work on Mapping the Path to Net Zero, hearing from local government representatives and local climate campaigners as it examined the National Audit Office’s recent report on Local Government and Net Zero in England.


Wednesday 8 September 2021

At 2.40pm

  • Cllr Rachel Blake, Member, Environment, Economy, Housing and Transport Board, Local Government Association
  • Cllr Claire Holland, Vice-Chair, Transport and Environment Committee, London Councils
  • Carolyn McKenzie, Chair, Energy and Clean Growth Working Group, ADEPT
  • Cllr Richard Clewer, Chair, UK100 Countryside Climate Network
  • Polly Billington, Chief Executive Officer, UK100

At 3.45pm

  • Dr Sally Barnard, Coordinator, South East Climate Alliance
  • Geoff Barnard, Communications Lead, South East Climate Alliance

The NAO’s analysis followed an EAC request to examine how effectively central Government and local authorities are collaborating on actions to achieve net zero outcomes. Local authority responsibilities in England range from transport to planning, and from social housing to waste disposal, activities which generate a substantial proportion of the UK’s current emissions. The NAO report has highlighted that a lack of funding, and poor communication to and from the centre, are two issues which are hindering local authorities wishing to play their full part in reaching net zero.

During Wednesday’s evidence session, the Committee will hear from local government representative bodies at political and official level and representatives of climate action groups on what is needed at a local level to tackle climate change.

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Image: PA/David Jones