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Military Exercises and the Duty of Care: Further Follow-Up


The Defence Committee is holding an evidence session on military exercises and the duty of care. This session was postponed due to the General Election and is now being revisited by the newly constituted Defence Committee.

In 2016 the Defence Committee published a report "Beyond Endurance? Military exercises and the duty of care". This report examined the overarching policies and guidance of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Armed Forces in respect of the health and safety of service personnel during training, exercises and selection events and whether effective processes existed for learning the lessons from accidents and deaths that occurred during such events.

An initial follow-up evidence session was held in November 2016. This second follow-up session will focus on what has been achieved since the publication of the Committee’s report in 2016. It will consider whether the actions taken have addressed the concerns raised in the initial report, whether lessons have been learnt, whether a culture of continual learning exists and what scope there is for further improvement.

The Commitee will condsider new evidence, which can be submited till the deadline Thursday 9 April 2020. There is no need to resubmit previous written evidence.