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Defence Committee revives Procurement and Prosperity inquiry

10 March 2020

The Defence Committee has today announced the relaunch of its Procurement and Prosperity Inquiry from the previous Parliament. This inquiry will examine the nature of the defence industry in the UK and the efficiency of the Defence Industrial Policy, asking whether a new strategy is required as part of the broader Integrated Review.

Procurement will be a key focus of this inquiry, with the Committee examining the impact of the current approach to procurement and acquisition. Additionally, the Committee will explore the tension between competition and strategic choice.

The Committee will consider new evidence, which can be submitted until the deadline of Thursday 23rd April. There is no need to resubmit previous written evidence.

Chair's comments

Chair of the Defence Committee, Tobias Ellwood MP, said:

“I am delighted that the Committee is relaunching this absolutely vital inquiry. ‘Procurement and Prosperity' will explore fundamental questions around the wider role of defence as a major contributor to the UK economy and will ask how to ensure that the UK defence industry remains a valuable economic and strategic asset.

“Crucially, this inquiry will ask whether the Government's industrial strategy is truly future-proof. Military technology is constantly evolving, and the defence industry should not be forced to play catch-up. The nature of defence itself is continuously in flux; we increasingly occupy the grey zone, with countries utilising an ever-expanding toolkit of tactics.

“For long-term industrial strategies to stand the test of time the Government must continually scope emerging cutting-edge technologies, predicting the next development. Without this, any strategy will fast become redundant in the face of rapid technological development.

“The defence industry is integral to our economic health as a country. Our country has a long history of a robust defence industry that delivers economic value whilst also serving as an essential resource and providing indispensable protection to its citizens. 

“Our industrial policy must fly the flag for defence. This inquiry will investigate how to ensure that the UK defence industry continues to be recognised across the world as a competitive and innovative global player.”

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