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Improving the performance of defence contracts


The National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee regularly report on the delays and cost overruns, across many significant Ministry of Defence (MoD) equipment procurement programmes,  that have been “eroding our national defence and security for years”.  Specific recent examples include boats 4-7 of the Astute attack submarine (£1 billion over budget) and the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, now £2.75 billion over budget, which the Committee last reported on in November 2020. The NAO recently “identified major risks to the timely delivery of nearly one-third of the most significant programmes, which had a forecast total procurement cost of £196 billion”

In this evidence session the Committee will question senior MoD and military officials  - including the first appearance of the new Permanent Secretary, David Williams - on the underlying causes of these chronic equipment procurement problems, and why they continue to occur despite efforts to learn from the past and repeated assurances that improvements are in train.  

If you have evidence on any of these specific issues, across the MoD’s performance in procurement and major project management, please submit it below by 6pm Thursday 8 July 2021.