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Protecting consumers from unsafe products


The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) was created in 2018 to regulate the safety of consumer products and goods - other than food - at a national level.

Set up as an agency of the Business department (BEIS), OPSS works with other organisations to protect consumers from harm, including with the local authority Trading Standards services that undertake most enforcement activity.

The Committee will question the senior responsible officials at BEIS on whether the OPSS and the overall product safety regime effectively protect UK consumers from harm, and can keep pace with changes like new international trading relationships and consumers increasingly buying goods online.

If you have evidence on questions of:

  • whether product safety regulation is successfully influencing consumers, businesses and other stakeholders to prevent product safety risks from materialising;
  • whether ┬áthe OPSS and Trading Standards services can identify and address safety issues quickly when they arise, to minimise harm to consumers;
  • or whether the regulatory framework is able to adapt to social, political and technological changes and protect consumers from emerging product safety risks,

- please submit it here by 6pm pm on Thursday 24 June 2021.