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Progress with defence estate disposals


The Ministry of Defence holds one of the UK’s largest estates - around 1,000 buildings and facilities spread across the country ranging from training and accommodation for service personnel to military construction sites - accounting for about 1.8% of the UK land mass. It spends £3bn a year on its estate at a time when the overall defence budget is under considerable pressure.

In 2016 the Department launched its A Better Defence Estate strategy. This aims to create an estate that is 30% smaller by 2040 but also better supports military capability, is better quality and is more efficient.

Based on the NAO’s findings in its upcoming audit of the MoD estate, the Committee will question senior MoD and military officials on whether the MoD:

  • - has an appropriate strategy to achieve a defence estate of the right size to meet its operational needs;
  • - has the conditions and resources it needs to deliver its estate strategy; and
  • - is on course to achieve the targets it set in A Better Defence Estate.

If you have evidence on the use and upkeep of MoD estate please submit it here by 6pm on Monday 21 June 2021.