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Written evidence

New technologies and the application of the law

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Professor Pete Fussey (Professor of Sociology at University of Essex), Dr Daragh Murray (Senior Lecturer in Human Rights at University of Essex), and Dr Amy Stevens (Senior Research Officer, Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project at University of Essex) (NTL0017)
Information Commissioner's Office (NTL0016)
Amped Software (NTL0015)
Professor Charles Raab (Professorial Fellow at University of Edinburgh) (NTL0014)
LLM Sjors Ligthart (PhD candidate at Tilburg University), Dr. Lisa Forsberg ( Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Oxford), Prof. Dr. Gerben Meynen (Professor of Forensic Psychiatry and Bioethics at Utrecht University and VU University), and Prof. Dr. Thomas Douglas (Professor of Applied Philosophy at University of Oxford) (NTL0013)
Dr David White (Senior Lecturer at UNSW Sydney), Dr Alice Towler (Research Fellow at UNSW Sydney), Prof Richard I Kemp (Professor of Psychology at UNSW Sydney), Professor Gary Edmond (Professor of Law at UNSW Sydney), Associate Professor Mehera San Roque (Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney), Dr Clare Sutherland (Senior Lecturer at University of Aberdeen), Professor Dame (DBE FBPsS FRSE FBA) Vicki Bruce (Professor Emerita at Newcastle University), and Professor (FBA, FRSE, FAcSS) A. Mike Burton (Professor of Psychology at University of York) (NTL0012)
NCC Group (NTL0005)
Archie Drake (Research Associate at King's College London), and Perry Keller (Reader in Media and Information Law, Director of Doctoral Studies at King's College London) (NTL0011)
UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences (NTL0010)
Dr Kyriakos Kotsoglou (Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University / University of Lausanne) (NTL0007)
Dr Kyriakos Kotsoglou (Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University / University of Lausanne) (NTL0006)
Prison Reform Trust (NTL0004)
Dr Kay L. Ritchie (Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at University of Lincoln) (NTL0003)
Mr Stephen Mason (Barrister (retired) at Barrister) (NTL0002)
Dr. Jamie Grace (Senior Lecturer in Law at Sheffield Hallam University) (NTL0001)
Total results 55 (page 3 of 3)