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Space in modern warfare inquiry launched by Defence

27 May 2021

Today, the Defence Committee launches its inquiry into the role of space in modern warfare and security. The inquiry will discuss the emergence of space as a military domain in its own right, and will examine how space-based assets play an essential role in supporting operations. In both the Integrated Review and the Defence Command Paper, space was identified as an important focus for the UK moving forward.

The inquiry will explore the reliance on strategic relationships with our allies and consider where the UK can most effectively develop and deploy sovereign defence capabilities. The Committee will ask how vulnerable our space assets are, and how we can improve their resilience. Additionally, the inquiry will explore the new Space Command, and ask whether recent changes to the machinery of Government will enable a joined-up approach to space policy and operations.

Chair's comment

Chair of the Defence Committee, Tobias Ellwood MP, said:

“Space has long played a role in supporting our defence capabilities. The importance of the Space Domain in modern warfare is set to increase as we become more and more reliant on space-based assets for our day-to-day functioning, as well as our security and protection.

“Despite its status as the ‘province of all mankind’, space is an increasingly contested and congested environment, and a new generation of threats risks undermining our ability to defend ourselves. Preventing this clear vulnerability is crucial.

“The Government has identified space as one of the next key area in UK defence and this inquiry will investigate what steps should be taken to meet the challenges ahead.”

Further information

Image: MoD