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COVID-19 cost tracker update


The National Audit Office supports Parliament, and the Public Accounts Committee in particular, in our scrutiny of public spending and service delivery. During the pandemic the NAO has been tracking the cumulative costs of COVID-19 across Government, providing timely accounting information.

The Committee will question senior officials at HM Treasury on the unprecedented levels of public spending in the pandemic response, continuing the themes on balance of risk, checks and balances and financing public spending, under examination in our COVID-19 inquiries over the last year.

If you have evidence on these questions please submit it here by 6pm on Thursday 20 May 2021.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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Twelfth Report - COVID 19: Cost Tracker Update
Inquiry COVID-19 cost tracker update
Committees Public Accounts Committee
HC 173
Response to this report
Treasury minutes: Government response to the Committee of Public Accounts on the Twelfth report from Session 2021-22
HC 173
Government Response

Oral evidence transcripts

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27 May 2021
Inquiry COVID-19 cost tracker update
Committees Public Accounts Committee
Oral Evidence
CTU0001 - COVID-19 cost tracker update
Witnesses COVID-19 Review Observatory, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
Committees Public Accounts Committee
Written Evidence

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