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Written evidence

The Navy: purpose and procurement

Total results 41 (page 2 of 3)
Mr Michael Vidal (NAV0001)
Capability priorities to deliver on Review committments Gabriele Molinelli (Journalist at Rivista Italiana Difesa; (NAV0002)
Jag Patel (NAV0003)
Dr Basil Germond (Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University) (NAV0004)
Professor Greg Kennedy (Professor of Strategic Foreign Policy and Director of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies at King's College London) (NAV0005)
Defence Synergia (NAV0006)
Mr Christopher Cope (Parliamentary Correspondent at Warship World/ Navy Books) (NAV0007)
Thales UK (NAV0018)
BAE Systems plc (NAV0019)
Dr David Blagden (Senior Lecturer in International Security at University of Exeter) (NAV0020)
James London (NAV0021)
Professor Geoffrey TILL (Dudley Knox Chair of Naval History and Strategy at US Naval War College) (NAV0022)
Harland & Wolff (NAV0023)
Cllr. Anthony Linden (NAV0024)
Human Security Centre (NAV0025)
Centre for Historical Research, University of Wolverhampton (NAV0026)
Babcock International (NAV0027)
Philip Dunne (NAV0028)
Serco (NAV0029)
Ministry of Defence (NAV0030)
Total results 41 (page 2 of 3)