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The long-term impact of the pandemic on parents and families


The combination of school closures, reduced opportunities for social and leisure activities outside of the home and, for some, home working or furlough has meant that for many people the last year has been an intense period of spending much more time inside the home with immediate family. People’s experiences have varied greatly depending on their personal circumstances: while there have been positive aspects of this for some, others have found themselves trapped in unsuitable accommodation, at risk from violent family members, unable to access the services and support they normally rely on. Mothers and single parents have also been more likely to lose their jobs, and are more likely to be working in sectors at risk of further job losses, raising concerns about more families living in poverty and a greater gender divide in employment. The Committee wants to explore the potential long-term impacts of these issues on parents and families, and what action the UK Government should take to mitigate these.