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Children’s minister to face MPs on children’s care homes

24 February 2022

In this final session of the Children’s Homes inquiry, Will Quince MP, Minister for Children and Families, will face questions on the Government’s support for children in care homes.

MPs are likely to investigate why the number of children in care is at a record high and why care leavers aged 19-21 are three times more likely to be out of employment, education or training.

Educational outcomes for these children may also be raised in the meeting, with the Committee likely to examine why looked-after children are less likely to attend high performing schools, why over 10% of vulnerable children in care homes attend special schools rated below average by Ofsted, and why there is no firm record of the number of children in care homes who are out of education or receiving unregulated education.

The Minister may also face wider questions about young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

This session will be available to watch live and on-demand on Parliament.TV.  

Witness schedule    

Witness from 10:00

  • Will Quince MP, Minister for Children and Families, Department for Education

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