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The UK’s security and trade relationship with China inquiry launched

26 February 2021

The International Relations Committee launches its inquiry, the UK’s security and trade relationship with China

he International Relations and Defence Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the UK’s security and trade relationship with China.  

The inquiry will consider the Government’s approach to China, and how this has evolved. It will examine the UK’s security interests vis-à-vis China, the UK’s partners and allies, including the Five Eyes partnership, and the UK’s diplomatic, defence and security resourcing for further engagement in China’s neighbourhood. It will also consider China’s importance as a trade partner and source of investment.  

The inquiry will consider the Government’s Integrated Review in the context of China, once this document is published.  

Focus of the inquiry 

The Committee is seeking evidence on issues including 

  • The effectiveness and organisation of Whitehall departments co-ordination on China. 
  • The shifts in UK China policy between successive UK Governments.  
  • The UK’s security interests vis-à-vis China and threats to those interests. 
  • The UK’s principal partners and allies with regard to engagement with China. 
  • The relative importance of China as a trade partner, and issues to consider in seeking to increase tradeChinese investment in the UK and the implications of the National Security and Investment Bill (when passed). 
  • The implications of China’s pursuit of major international strategic initiatives (such as the Belt and Road Initiative). 

For the full list of issues on which the Committee is seeking written evidence, please refer to the call for evidence. 


Written evidence is sought by Wednesday 24 March 2021. Oral evidence sessions will be held from March 2021. 

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