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What progress has Parliament made towards being gender-sensitive? MPs question authorities

10 September 2021

In the final evidence session as part of its inquiry into a Gender Sensitive Parliament (House of Commons), the Women and Equalities Committee will question the progress Parliament has made towards creating a gender sensitive institution, described as one where women and men have an equal right to participate without discrimination or recrimination, and explore the role of internal and external authorities.

Topic areas are likely to include addressing Parliament's culture and behaviour, and how authorities' approach to a gender sensitive Parliament can be made more strategic.


Wednesday 15 September 2021

Panel one, 2.30pm:

  • Ian Todd, Chief Executive, IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority), and 
  • Amanda Colledge, Business Case Director, Parliamentary Works Sponsor.

Panel two, at approx 3.15pm:

  • Dr John Benger, Clerk of the House of Commons,
  • Sarah Davies, Assistant Clerk of the House of Commons,
  • Marianne Cwynarski, Director General, House of Commons, and
  • Sarah Petit, Cultural Transformation Director, House of Commons.

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