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China’s military ambitions

Non-inquiry session

The Defence Committee is holding a one-off evidence session, to examine China’s military capabilities and how the military fits into to its wider international ambitions, both in the Asia-Pacific and globally. The Committee will explore China’s military activities across the globe as well as consider the implications of party-led initiatives such as One Belt One Road or Made in China 2025 and of Military-Civil fusion for China’s military, China’s defence industrial sector and efforts to modernise and expand its nuclear deterrent.


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23 February 2021
Work China’s military ambitions (Non-inquiry session)
Witnesses Meia Nouwens (Senior Fellow for Chinese Defence Policy and Military Modernisation at International Institute for Strategic Studies), Dr Alessio Patalano (Department of War Studies at Kings College London), and Charles Parton OBE (Senior Associate Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI))
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