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Written evidence

The philosophy and culture of aid

Total results 90 (page 2 of 5)
Institute of Development Studies (CPA0086)
Saferworld (CPA0087)
Firefly International (CPA0088)
Nuffield Council on Bioethics (CPA0089)
Dr Cathy Ratcliff (Partnerships Director and CEO at Thrive) (CPA0090)
Bond (CPA0091)
South West International Development Network (CPA0072)
Anonymous (Anonymous submission) (CPA0071)
Oxfam GB (CPA0070)
The Equity Index, and The Advocacy Team (CPA0060)
International Committee of the Red Cross (CPA0061)
Bond (CPA0062)
Results UK (CPA0063)
Claudia Craig (Senior Government Relations Adviser at UNICEF) (CPA0064)
International Rescue Committee (CPA0067)
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (CPA0068)
Mr John Lowrie (Human Rights and Development Worker (Retired) at Nomad RSI) (CPA0045)
Professor Christopher Ferguson (Professor at Stetson University) (CPA0046)
Counterweight Support Limited (CPA0047)
Save the Children UK (CPA0048)
Total results 90 (page 2 of 5)