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MoD: Improving single living accommodation for service personnel


Single Living Accommodation (SLA) is accommodation provided to single and unaccompanied service personnel, normally by means of a Mess or accommodation block. Armed forces surveyings shows just over two in five (42%) service personnel live in SLA during the working week.

The MoD states that regular forces personnel should be provided with high-quality subsidised accommodation in recognition of their service terms and frequent postings abroad.

The effective management and maintenance of SLA is crucial to providing a suitable estate that both meets the needs of the MoD and service personnel and provides value for money for the taxpayer.

In July 2020, the government announced £200 million new funding for the UK Armed Forces’ housing and accommodation.

The Committee will question senior officials at MoD on whether the department has established a cost-effective approach to managing its SLA; if the SLA provided is of an appropriate standard; and whether the MoD is putting in place appropriate arrangements to transform SLA in the future.

If you have evidence on any of these questions, please submit it here by 6:00 pm on Thursday the 18 February 2021.