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Includes other committee work such as pre-appointment and non-inquiry hearings, and legislative scrutiny

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Petitioning against the Holocaust Memorial Bill
Deadline 17 July 2024
Opened 23 May 2024
Interpreting and translation services in the courts
Opened 22 May 2024
Annual evidence session for Lady Chief Justice 2023-24
Opened 21 May 2024
Review of treaty scrutiny
Opened 15 May 2024
Tackling Shoplifting
Opened 13 May 2024
Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence -Session 2023/24
Opened 10 May 2024
FCA enforcement guidance consultation
Opened 8 May 2024
FCA and PRA’s secondary competitiveness and growth objective
Opened 2 May 2024
Data and digital trade
Opened 1 May 2024
DWP to answer questions on Regulations to increase the Administrative Earnings Threshold
Opened 30 April 2024
Independent Monitoring Authority
Opened 30 April 2024
Strengthening Northern Ireland’s voice in the context of the Windsor Framework
Opened 29 April 2024
Annual Evidence Session with the President and Deputy President of the Supreme Court
Opened 25 April 2024
Skills for the future: apprenticeships and training
Opened 17 April 2024
Engineering biology
Opened 28 March 2024
Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs
Opened 28 March 2024
Code of Conduct for Members and the Guide to the Code of Conduct
Opened 27 March 2024
Global Combat Air Programme – International Government Organisation
On 9 April 2024
Govt. response:
Since 9 June 2024
Opened 21 March 2024
Poor quality of Home Office impact information
Opened 20 March 2024
UK-EU data adequacy
Opened 15 March 2024
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