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1 February 2022 - Public transport in towns and cities - Oral evidence

Built Environment Committee
Public transport in towns and cities

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Start times: 9:45am (private) 10:00am (public)

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Lords public transport inquiry hears first evidence session

On Tuesday 1 February 2022, the Built Environment Committee will be holding its first evidence session for its new inquiry on public transport in towns and cities.

This session will discuss transport trends in towns and cities. It will consider the potential impact of digitalisation and the COVID-19 pandemic on travel patterns in the long term, as well as likely areas of innovation.

Meeting details

At 10:00am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Public transport in towns and cities
Professor of Transport Governance at Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
Transport policy consultant and Visiting Professor at University of Hertfordshire

Possible questions include:

  • What influences public transport travel patterns in towns and cities?
  • How might public transport travel patterns shift in the next 10 years?
  • What impact could digitalisation and the COVID-19 pandemic have in the long term? How should public transport services adapt to these changes?
  • What are the likely areas of innovation in urban public transport over the next 10years? How should public policy be shaped considering both incremental andtransformational innovations in urban public transport?


Virtual meeting