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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Net zero aviation and shipping

Environmental Audit Committee
Net zero aviation and shipping

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Start times: 2.00pm (private) 2.15pm (public)

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Net Zero Shipping: How can international shipping decarbonise?

The Environmental Audit Committee examines the opportunities for shipping to decarbonise, and look at what incentives and market-based mechanisms can support the sector towards greener fuels. Across two panels, representatives from academia and the shipping and finance industries will be giving evidence.

International shipping accounts for about 2.7% of global carbon dioxide emissions, and if shipping was a country, it would be the sixth highest emitter. It is expected that the global demand for shipping will increase in the next few years, with warnings that CO2 emissions will increase by 50% above 2018 levels if no action is taken.

Meeting details

At 2.15pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Net zero aviation and shipping
Group Director of Safety, Marine and Engineering at Associated British Ports
Secretary General at International Chamber of Shipping
Reader in Energy and Shipping at UCL Energy Institute
At 3.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Net zero aviation and shipping
Researcher at Smith School of Enterprise and Environment, University of Oxford
Global Head of Sustainability at Lloyd's Register, and High-Level Climate Champion's Shipping Lead at United Nations
Chairman, Global Shipping, Logistics & Offshore at Citi


Room 15, Palace of Westminster

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