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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): New technologies and the application of the law

Justice and Home Affairs Committee
New technologies and the application of the law

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Start times: 3.45pm (private) 3.45pm (public)

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Home Office to be questioned on use of technologies in policing  

The House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee questions the Rt Hon Kit Malthouse, Minister of State for Crime and Policing, in the final evidence session for its inquiry into new technologies and the application of the law.  

Meeting details

At 3.45pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry New technologies and the application of the law
Minister for Policing of the United Kingdam at Home Office
Director of Home Office Data and Identity at Home Office

This evidence session covers topics such as the use of algorithmic tools in policing, the Government’s AI strategy, and the deployment of technology in border management.  

Possible questions

Likely questions include: 

  • The Government has published an AI strategy and a Beating Crime Plan but has set no vision for the use of technology for the application of the law. Can you set one out – briefly?
  • Which technologies the UK is using in the context of border management and what additional safeguards exist to mitigate the increased risk of discrimination?
  • What, specifically, is in place to ensure that decisions about people are always made by people, and meaningfully so?
  • Who has ultimate accountability for the legal, ethical, and valid use of advanced technologies in policing?
  • Algorithmic technology informs decisions throughout the policing ‘pipeline’, from intelligence, to investigation, to prosecution, and offender management, which affects subsequent stages of the justice system. How does the Home Office work with the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary in its deployment of technology?

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