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1 December 2021 - Scrutiny of Operation of the Protocol - Oral evidence

Committee Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland Sub-Committee
Inquiry Scrutiny of Operation of the Protocol

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Start times: 3:00pm (private) 3:45pm (public)

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Legal experts give evidence on Article 16 and the operation of the Protocol

On Wednesday 1 December, the House of Lords Sub Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland hears from legal experts, Dr Sylvia de Mars, George Peretz QC and James Webber on the legal implications of any invocation of Article 16 and of the current operation of the Protocol.

Watch the evidence session from 3:45pm streamed live on Parliamentlive.TV.


Meeting details

At 3:45pm: Oral evidence
Work Scrutiny of Operation of the Protocol (Non-inquiry session)
Queen's Counsel at Monckton Chambers
Senior Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University
Antitrust Partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP

Possible questions include:

  • What would you identify as the principal legal issues arising in relation to the operation of the Protocol since it came into force?
  • What is your assessment of the arguments set out in the Government’s July Command Paper that “the circumstances exist to justify using Article 16”?
  • What would happen in the short and longer-term in the event that Article 16 were invoked?
  • Aside from Article 16, what other legal paths are open to the UK and the EU to address the problems that the Protocol has given rise to? How likely are they to lead to a successful resolution of current tensions?
  • How significant a risk do the trading arrangements in respect of Northern Ireland present to the integrity of the EU Single Market?

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Virtual meeting (webcast)