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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Built Environment Committee
Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Start times: 9.45am (private) 10.00am (public)

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Local government give evidence to Lords housing demand inquiry

On Tuesday 19 October at 10.00am, the Built Environment Committee hears evidence from local government experts as part of its inquiry on meeting housing demand in the UK.

Meeting details

At 10.00am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Meeting the UK’s housing demand
Head of Planning at Leicester City Council
Chief Executive Officer at Public Practice
Deputy Leader at Oxford City Council

Possible questions include:

  • What can be done to ensure there is a good balance of different types of new homes where they are needed across the UK? Will the new ‘standard method’ for calculating housing need help achieve this?
  • Would the introduction of a zone-based planning system through Local Plans in England help meet housing demand? We note that only 40% of local plans are less than five years old or have been updated or reviewed in the past five years, what are the current barriers to councils developing local plans? How can the local plan-making process be simplified?
  • Does the figure of 90,000 new homes per year for social rent accurately reflect demand for new social housing? Is the Government introducing the right policy initiatives to ensure homes for social rent are built?


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