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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Built Environment Committee
Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Start times: 9.45am (private) 10.00am (public)

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Housing demand inquiry to hear evidence on the design and quality of new homes

On Tuesday 12 October 2021, the House of Lords Built Environment Committee hears evidence on how the quality of new homes can be improved, the role of design codes in planning, and broader issues relating to placemaking and the public realm.

Meeting details

At 10.00am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Meeting the UK’s housing demand
Chief Executive Officer at Design for Homes
Professor of Urban Studies and Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age at London School of Economics and Political Science
Chair at the Good Home Inquiry

Possible questions include:

  • What should be done to improve the quality and design of new homes? Could and should the Government improve standards in home design?
  • What are the most common problems with the quality and design of new homes?
  • Are the new design codes sufficient to increase the quality and design standards for new homes?
  • To what extent do planners consider the public realm and placemaking in their approach to approving new housing developments?
  • Where do the opportunities lie for building high quality, beautiful, and sustainable new homes?
  • How can skills shortages in design be addressed?




Room 4, Palace of Westminster

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