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14 September 2021 - The future of Channel 4 - Oral evidence

Committee Communications and Digital Committee
Inquiry The future of Channel 4

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Start times: 2:30pm (private) 2:45pm (public)

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Ofcom and independent experts to discuss the future of Channel 4

The Communications and Digital Committee takes evidence from Ofcom as part of its ongoing inquiry into the future of Channel 4. The Committee also hears from independent experts who offer perspectives on market trends and state intervention in the broadcasting sector.

Meeting details

At 2:45pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The future of Channel 4
Group Director, Content and Media Policy and Board Director at Ofcom
Director, Broadcast Policy and Commercial Broadcasters at Ofcom
At 4:00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The future of Channel 4
Chairman and Co-Founder at Oliver and Ohlbaum Associates
Senior Consultant to the European Competition Practice at Charles River Associates


Ministers are consulting on the possible privatisation of Channel 4 – the government’s preferred option - and now peers are investigating its remit and ownership.

Possible questions

Possible questions and areas for discussion with witnesses include:

  • What is Channel 4’s role in the public service broadcasting system and is its remit defined clearly enough?
  • If Channel 4 were privatised, to what extent and by what means could its public service value be protected or enhanced?
  • Have changes in the market affected Channel 4 differently to other broadcasters?
  • If Channel 4 were sold, how should the proceeds be spent?

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Room 4, Palace of Westminster

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