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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): New technologies and the application of the law

Justice and Home Affairs Committee
New technologies and the application of the law

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Start times: 10.30am (private) 10.30am (public)

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Lords to discuss new technologies for law enforcement with experts

The Justice and Home Affairs Committee holds its second oral evidence session on new technologies for law enforcement.

Meeting details

At 10.30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry New technologies and the application of the law
Ethics Theme Lead at Alan Turing Institute
Head of Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science at University of Oxford

This evidence session will focus on the advancement, workings and ethical principles of algorithms and artificial intelligence before the Committee launches a full call for written evidence for its inquiry next week.  

Possible questions

  • How do advanced algorithms work? What is special about “artificial intelligence”? 
  • What are the requirements for an advanced algorithm to achieve its intended purposes consistently and reliably?
  • Does AI perform better than human intelligence? 
  • How can the performance and robustness of advanced algorithms be best assessed?
  • What validation and evaluation tools would be appropriate in a law enforcement context?
  • How do advanced algorithms interact with or influence social norms and individual behaviours? 

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