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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Built Environment Committee
Meeting the UK’s housing demand

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Start times: 9.30am (private) 9.30am (public)

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Housing experts give evidence to Committee

On Tuesday 6 July at 9.30am, the Built Environment Committee holds its first evidence session on the inquiry into meeting the housing demand in the UK.

Meeting details

At 9.30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Meeting the UK’s housing demand
Director, Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning at University of Adelaide
Department for Land Economy at University of Cambridge
Emeritus Professor of Housing Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science

Likely questions

  • What is the current composition of the UK’s housing sector? How is the sector structured in terms of private ownership, privately rented accommodation and social housing?
  • What social and demographic factors shape housing demand in the UK? How might an ageing population and trends in household formation and immigration affect housing demand?
  • What are the expected future trends in housing demand?
  • Does the Government’s target of 300,000 new homes per year accurately reflect housing demand?
  • What is the balance of demand for new housing between homes for private ownership, privately rented homes, and social housing? How does this affect the type and tenure required of new homes?
  • In your view, what are the main barriers to meeting housing demand in the UK? Can you identify any best practice examples, in the UK or overseas, where demand is being met successfully?


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