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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Role of batteries and fuel cells in achieving Net Zero

Science and Technology Committee (Lords)
Role of batteries and fuel cells in achieving Net Zero

Monday 7 June 2021

Start times: 3.30pm (private) 3.30pm (public)

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Who is funding UK’s battery and fuel cell drive?

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee nears the conclusion of its inquiry into the role of batteries and fuel cells in achieving net-zero, by asking investors how the UK can fund its ambitions.

The Committee has previously heard from researchers about the journey from lab to product, and from scale-up to market, and about the need to secure finance at each stage. The Committee has also heard from manufacturers about the costs of setting up manufacturing facilities and establishing complex supply chains. At this meeting, Members will seek to understand how investments map onto these different stages, and how the UK can attract the finance necessary to deliver batteries and fuel cells to help achieve its net-zero ambitions.

Meeting details

At 3.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Role of batteries and fuel cells in achieving Net Zero
Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Energy Impact Partners Europe
Chief Executive Officer at Volta Energy Technologies, and Board Member at Faraday Institution
Managing Partner at Clean Growth Fund
Head of Clean Energy Strategy at Legal and General Capital

Possible questions

  • What are the different stages of investment needed for technologies such as batteries or fuel cells, from development through to mass production?
  • Who is making major investments at each stage for batteries and fuel cells in the UK?
  • What are the key considerations when making these investment decisions?
  • What signals do investors need from Government, in terms of policy, regulations, investments or other support for the sector, and how does the UK compare to competitors in these respects?

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