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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Youth Unemployment

Youth Unemployment Committee
Youth Unemployment

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Start times: 10.15am (private) 10.15am (public)

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Youth Unemployment Committee to hear evidence from business associations and SMEs

The Youth Unemployment Committee hears the views of small business leaders and representative bodies on their experiences of employing young people both before and during the pandemic, and any future plans they have for recruiting young people. These sessions are the sixth and seventh public sessions of the Committee’s new inquiry examining youth unemployment, education and skills.

  • This evidence session will be held remotely and streamed on Parliament TV.
  • The committee’s work can be followed on its website and via Twitter.

Meeting details

At 10.15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Youth Unemployment
Executive Director at Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Techcentre, and Director and Trustee at Livery Schools Link
Chief Executive Officer at Holts Group, Chair at Apprentice Ambassador Network, and Co-founder at Association of Apprentices
At 11.15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Youth Unemployment
National Chairman at Federation of Small Businesses
Director of Policy at IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals & the Self-Employed)
Founder at Small Business Britain
At 12.30pm: Private discussion
Inquiry Youth Unemployment

Themes for discussion

  • The role of apprenticeships in plugging skills gaps prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How workable the Kickstart Scheme is as long-term option, and how might it be adapted to provide sustainable opportunities for young people.
  • Obstacles faced by SMEs when hiring apprentices and how apprenticeships could be made more appealing as a recruitment option.
  • How it could be made easier for small businesses to source and recruit young people with the right skills.
  • Challenges faced by small businesses who employ young people and young people who are self-employed during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • How young people can develop the skills to become successfully self-employed.
  • The merits of devolving policy and financial powers to local areas to support the creation of strong and differentiated local economies.

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