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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Quantitative Easing

Economic Affairs Committee
Quantitative Easing

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Start times: 3.00pm (private) 3.00pm (public)

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Committee hears evidence on Quantitative Easing from former Bank of Japan Governor and experts on debt management and sovereign debt

On Tuesday 20 April at 3pm, the Economic Affairs Committee holds its eighth set of evidence sessions on its Quantitative Easing inquiry. Panel 1 will cover the Bank of Japan’s experience of Quantitative Easing. Panel 2 will cover a range of issues related to Quantitative Easing such as debt management and sovereign debt.

Meeting details

At 3.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Quantitative Easing
former Governor (2008-2013) at Bank of Japan
At 4.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Quantitative Easing
Visiting Professorial Fellow at Queen Mary University of London
Visitor at National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR)

Likely questions

  • Why has the use of Quantitative Easing not sparked inflation in Japan?
  • What would you describe the main purpose of Quantitative Easing to have been in Japan?
  • Is there any evidence to suggest that the use of Quantitative Easing in Japan had significant distributional effects?
  • How important are structural forces such as demographic trends in accounting for low growth, low inflation, and low interest rates?
  • Why has the expansion of the money supply through Quantitative Easing not been inherently inflationary?
  • What consequences, intended or unintended, does the use of Quantitative Easing have on sovereign debt markets?
  • Is the current position of paying interest on reserves sustainable, and would it survive a rise in interest rates?
  • Has the design of Quantitative Easing created a potentially risky co-dependency between the Treasury, the Bank of England and the commercial banking sector?


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