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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Risk Assessment and Risk Planning

Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee
Risk Assessment and Risk Planning

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Start times: 10.15am (private) 10.15am (public)

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Lords explore role of military in resilience and emergency response

On 3 March, the Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning will take evidence from experts in military and defence, on the role the military plays in building civil resilience and responding to civil emergencies. The Committee will also explore the significant involvement the defence forces have had in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic to date, as well the military’s preparedness for technological advancements.

Meeting details

At 10.15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Risk Assessment and Risk Planning
Lord and Former Chief of Defence Staff at House of Lords
Former Commander of the Joint Forces Command at Ministry of Defence
Lecturer at Defence Studies Department, KCL and Staff College, UK Defence Academy
At 11.45am: Private discussion
Inquiry Risk Assessment and Risk Planning

Possible questions include:

  • How might the army’s experience of responding to the current pandemic influence its future involvement in other civil emergencies?
  • Is the military more effective than other areas of Government at embedding long-term thinking and investing against high-impact low-probability opportunities and risks?
  • How resilient is the military itself? How able is the military to respond or continue operation if an event occurred which also impacted its own capabilities e.g. a blackout?
  • Is the military well placed to respond to the accelerating pace of technological advancement, most notably in the area of AI?
  • How does the military make use of exercising and wargaming, particularly in assuring resilience?

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Virtual meeting (webcast)