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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Post-Brexit common frameworks

Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee
Post-Brexit common frameworks

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Start times: 10.00am (private) 10.30am (public)

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Minister questioned on common frameworks programme

For the final evidence session of its inquiry into post-Brexit common frameworks, the Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee takes evidence from the Minister for the Constitution and Devolution, the Rt Hon. Chloe Smith MP, on Tuesday 23 February. The session will review the progress made on the common frameworks programme and issues of parliamentary scrutiny, as well as how the frameworks will relate to the UK Internal Market Act, the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), the Northern Ireland Protocol and the review of intergovernmental relations.

Meeting details

At 10.30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Post-Brexit common frameworks
Minister for the Constitution and Devolution at Cabinet Office
Deputy Director, Common Frameworks at Cabinet Office

Possible questions include:

  • What are your reflections on the progress made on common frameworks since you last spoke to our committee three months ago?
  • When do you expect to provide us with the Provisional Frameworks that have been agreed and are already being applied?
  • How would you respond to criticisms that there has been insufficient transparency or stakeholder consultation?
  • How do you intend to use the powers under the UK Internal Market Act to exempt common frameworks from the market access principles?
  • Given that the frameworks cover areas that were previously governed by EU law, will they need to be updated in light of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)? If so, how many do you think will be affected?
  • How will new rules introduced in Northern Ireland through the Protocol be addressed by the common frameworks?
  • How do you envisage future parliamentary scrutiny of common frameworks after they have been implemented? What is the case against publishing reviews of the frameworks?
  • In your view, how does the common frameworks programme relate to the ongoing review of intergovernmental relations? When do you expect this to be published?

Further information:


Virtual meeting (webcast)