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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Financial Exclusion - follow-up

Liaison Committee (Lords)
Financial Exclusion - follow-up

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Start times: 2.10pm (private) 2.10pm (public)

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Follow-up to the recommendations of the Financial Exclusion Select Committee

The Liaison Committee is holding a one-off evidence session on the recommendations of the former Financial Exclusion Select Committee. In the review of investigative and scrutiny committees, the Liaison Committee recommended that the Committee may hold a small number of evidence sessions to follow-up a special inquiry committee's recommendations. This is the third such session.

The Liaison Committee will be joined at the one-off evidence session by former members of the Financial Exclusion Select Committee Baroness Primarolo, Lord Empey, Viscount Brookeborough and the former Chair, Baroness Tyler of Enfield.

Meeting details

At 2.10pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Financial Exclusion - follow-up
Chair at Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, and Founder at
Banking Director at Post Office
Chair at Innovate Finance
At 3.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Financial Exclusion - follow-up
Executive Director for Consumers and Competition at Financial Conduct Authority
Director of Consumer and Retail Policy at Financial Conduct Authority
At 3.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Financial Exclusion - follow-up
Head of Personal Finance at UK Finance
At 4.05pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Financial Exclusion - follow-up
Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister at HM Treasury
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion) at Department for Work and Pensions

Possible questions are:

  • Has the transition towards a cashless economy put individuals at serious risk of social exclusion and marginalisation?
  • What role does the Post Office currently have in providing access to financial services for customers who are or at risk of financial exclusion and how might that role develop?
  • Are the FCA’s principles sufficient to ensure that Financial Service providers exercise a duty of care to their customers?
  • What are banks doing to promote the use of basic bank accounts?
  • Is the Government’s leadership on financial inclusion sufficient?

It is anticipated that the Liaison Committee will publish a report on the outcome of the evidence session with a Government response to the report to follow.


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