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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Freedom of expression online

Communications and Digital Committee
Freedom of expression online

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Start times: 3.00pm (private) 3.00pm (public)

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Committee discusses content moderation and abuse online

The Communications and Digital Committee speaks to the co-founder of Wikipedia on content moderation and a charity and activist on online abuse, as it continues its inquiry into freedom of expression online.

Meeting details

At 3.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Freedom of expression online
Co-Founder at Wikipedia
At 4.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Freedom of expression online
Founder and Executive Director at Glitch

Likely questions and topics of discussion with Jimmy Wales include:

  • How well do platforms’ moderation policies take account of freedom of expression?
  • Could the design of platforms be improved to support freedom of expression and discourage harmful behaviour?
  • Would stronger regulation to promote competition and pluralism enhance freedom of expression online?
  • What more could the UK do to promote freedom of expression online across the world?

Likely questions and topics of discussion with Seyi Akiwowo and Kenny Ethan Jones include:

  • What shouldn’t be protected by the right to freedom of expression online?
  • Are platforms’ moderation policies fit for purpose?
  • To what extent should users be allowed anonymity online?
  • Could initiatives to promote digital citizenship and etiquette improve behaviour online?

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