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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Freedom of expression online

Communications and Digital Committee
Freedom of expression online

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Start times: 3.00pm (private) 4.30pm (public)

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Communications and Digital Committee asks how has technology changed the ways people express themselves online? 

The Committee continues taking evidence for its inquiry into freedom of expression online.

Meeting details

At 4.30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Freedom of expression online
Chief Technology Correspondent at Politico


The Committee explores how technological developments have changed the ways people can express themselves online, and how standards of digital citizenship and etiquette can be improved as technologies change.


Possible questions

Possible questions the Committee may ask include: 

  • How should platforms balance protecting freedom of expression with reducing harms?
  • What role should the state play in the regulation of online forms of expression?
  • Which international examples of online regulation should the UK Government seek to emulate or avoid?


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