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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Employment and COVID-19

Economic Affairs Committee
Employment and COVID-19

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Start times: 3.00pm (private) 3.00pm (public)

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Metro Mayors Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram, and Liverpool businesses discuss impact of COVID-19 restrictions on regional economy

On 27 October 2020 at 3pm, the Economic Affairs Committee holds its seventh evidence session on the Employment and COVID-19 inquiry. The first panel focuses on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City Region, whilst the second panel focuses on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on hospitality, leisure and education providers in Liverpool.

Meeting details

At 3.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Employment and COVID-19
Mayor at Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Mayor at Liverpool City Region Combined Authority
At 4.00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Employment and COVID-19
Chief Executive at Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
Founder and CEO at Mowgli Street Food
Chief Executive Officer at Savvy Hotel Group
Principal and Acting Director at Liverpool School of English

Likely questions

  • During the negotiations with the Government, were you able to measure the economic effects and impacts on employment from Tier 3 restrictions?
  • What will the extra support packages be used for in Manchester and Liverpool?
  • Why has the Government been so reluctant to introduce targeted support measures until last week? Did the negotiations reveal a level of policy complexity that inhibited such an approach?
  • How has the crisis exacerbated regional inequality across the UK, and inequalities within Greater Manchester and Liverpool?
  • Do local authorities (or the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Liverpool City Region) have the right powers to protect and create jobs?
  • How have Tier 3 restrictions affected your business, and level of demand for your services? What effect has this had on the people you employ?
  • How has the way the Government announced new restrictions, and economic support packages, affected your ability to plan?
  • Have you had a chance to consider the measures announced by the Chancellor last week and the impact on your organisations?
  • How important is the Government’s longer-term ‘levelling up’ agenda to your businesses and the region?
  • What action or type of support from Government would make the most difference in protecting your business and the jobs of those that you employ?


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