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20 May 2024 - Prevention in health and social care - Oral evidence

Committee Health and Social Care Committee
Inquiry Prevention in health and social care

Monday 20 May 2024

Start times: 3:45pm (private) 3:45pm (public)

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Preventing ill-health inquiry to hear from Adrian Chiles and public health experts on harmful drinking

Adrian Chiles will join MPs examining the impact of alcohol on health, and strategies that can help prevent harms caused. It’s the latest session in the committee’s major inquiry into preventing ill-health caused by alcohol, gambling, drugs and smoking. The broadcaster and author has written and spoken publicly about damage caused by drinking and what more needs to be done to support heavy drinkers to drink more moderately.

Meeting details

At 3:45pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Prevention in health and social care
Chair at Alcohol Health Alliance
Vice President at Association of Directors of Public Health and Director of Public Health for Gateshead and Newcastle
Director at Fresh and Balance
At 4:45pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Prevention in health and social care

In the second panel, MPs will hear from experts in public health to discuss current trends in drinking and factors linked to harms caused by alcohol, and why alcohol poses higher risks of serious harm to certain groups. The year 2022 saw the highest number of deaths from alcohol-specific causes in the UK, according to recently published ONS data. Questions about alcohol pricing and whether a renewed alcohol strategy is needed are expected to be raised.

An earlier session on alcohol harms heard from industry representatives, and organisations working to reduce alcohol harm.


Room 8, Palace of Westminster

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