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21 May 2024 - Scrutiny of the draft Rail Reform Bill - Oral evidence

Committee Transport Committee
Inquiry Scrutiny of the draft Rail Reform Bill

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Start times: 2:30pm (private) 3:00pm (public)

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Transport Committee holds a session on draft Rail Reform Bill with devolved transport leaders

The Government’s draft Bill, published in February, proposes legislation needed to deliver reforms included in the Government’s Plan for Rail. This includes giving an Integrated Rail Body (IRB) – to be known as Great British Railways – new legal powers to manage and oversee the country’s rail infrastructure and franchising of services to train operating companies.

Meeting details

At 3:00pm: Oral evidence
Work Scrutiny of the draft Rail Reform Bill (Legislative scrutiny)
Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport at The Welsh Government
Director for Transport and Digital Connectivity at The Welsh Government
At 3:30pm: Oral evidence
Work Scrutiny of the draft Rail Reform Bill (Legislative scrutiny)
Chief Executive at Transport for the North
Chief Executive at Midlands Connect
Chief Executive at Transport East

In this session, the cross-party Committee questions Ken Skates MS, Cabinet Secretary for Transport at The Welsh Government. In a second panel comprising sub-national transport bodies, MPs will quiz Martin Tugwell; Chief Executive at Transport for the North; Maria Machancoses, Chief Executive at Midlands Connect; and Andrew Summers, Chief Executive at Transport East.

Mr Skates will be asked for the Welsh Government’s reaction to the draft Bill, and whether the proposal to delegate authority to run the railways to the IRB is compatible with the Welsh Government’s devolved powers.

The second panel of witnesses will be questioned on how the IRB will work at a regional level with sub-national transport bodies; their view that they should have a role in shaping the IRB’s business plans; and whether the proposals place too much emphasis on the IRB promoting private sector involvement.

More information about this session is available here.  


Room 8, Palace of Westminster

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