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26 March 2024 - UK-EU data adequacy - Oral evidence

Committee European Affairs Committee
Inquiry UK-EU data adequacy

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Start times: 4:00pm (private) 4:00pm (public)

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Committee to hold first evidence session for new inquiry

At 4pm on Tuesday 18 March, the European Affairs Committee will begin taking oral evidence for the inquiry into data adequacy and its implications for UK-EU relations, by hearing from:

  • Joe Jones, Director of Research and Insights, International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Eleonor Duhs, Partner and Head of Data & Privacy, Bates Wells LLP


The Committee’s aim for this new inquiry is to focus on how current UK-EU data adequacy arrangements are working in practice, including benefits and shortcomings, as well as the possible implications of any divergence in the respective data protection regimes of the UK and EU. The inquiry will focus, in particular, on:

  • Assessment of the existing adequacy arrangement underpinning data flows between the UK and the European Union.
  • Possible challenges to UK-EU data adequacy regime.
  • Implications of a no or disrupted UK-EU data adequacy scenario.
  • Lessons learned from other countries’ experiences with the adequacy system and engagement with the European Commission’s process.

Watch the evidence session on here

Meeting details

At 4:00pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry UK-EU data adequacy
Eleonor Duhs, Partner and Head of Data & Privacy, Bates Wells LLP at Bates Wells LLP
Research and Insights Director at International Association of Privacy Professionals


Room 2, Palace of Westminster

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