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7 February 2024 - Safeguarding vulnerable claimants - Oral evidence

Committee Work and Pensions Committee
Inquiry Safeguarding vulnerable claimants

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Start times: 9:15am (private) 9:25am (public)

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Safeguarding vulnerable claimants inquiry: Work and Pensions Committee to question lawyers and legal charities

MPs will question lawyers and legal charities as part of the Work and Pensions Committee’s inquiry examining how DWP supports vulnerable benefit claimants and whether its approach to safeguarding needs to change.

Meeting details

At 9:25am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Safeguarding vulnerable claimants
Barrister at Matrix Law
Partner, Litigation & Housing & Social Care Departments at Osbornes Law
Senior Research Fellow at Public Law Project

The session will explore, from a legal perspective, the question of whether DWP should take on a statutory duty for safeguarding vulnerable claimants. Witnesses are likely to be asked about systemic issues they have identified with the current arrangements.

There could be questions about the effectiveness of current safeguarding measures, the accessibility of DWP support, and how the Department communicates.


Room 15, Palace of Westminster

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