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26 February 2024 - The UK’s economic security - Oral evidence

Committee National Security Strategy (Joint Committee)
Inquiry The UK’s economic security

Monday 26 February 2024

Start times: 3:00pm (private) 4:30pm (public)

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Committee explores energy security, technology development and critical supply chains in its inquiry on the UK’s economic security

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy continues its inquiry into the UK’s economic security, moving onto substantive questions about the security of key resources needed for UK economic development, including the critical minerals needed for the transition to “cleaner” energy and an energy-secure, Net Zero economy.

Meeting details

At 4:30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The UK’s economic security
Economics and Data Editor at Sky News
Director, Markets at techUK
Chair in International Security at Lancaster University
Deputy Director for External Affairs at Energy UK
At 5:30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The UK’s economic security
Associate Professor at University of Bristol Law School
Assistant Professor of Law at LSE Law School
Director of Policy and External Affairs at British Ports Association

The Committee hears from experts including Sky News economics editor Ed Conway who has written extensively on the impact of critical minerals and other materials and his view of the UK Government’s strategy in this field.

Energy security is an increasingly important component of economic security, while maintaining a leading capacity in technology development is key to both national competitive advantage and to developing the tools to enhance and defend economic and political security. In December the Committee highlighted the growing national economic and political security threats posed by ransomware, and the risks of falling behind on the technologies to fight it.

Energy, technology, economics and international trade experts will give their views on how well positioned the UK is in the global technology marketplace, and how the Government should approach supply chains and emerging technologies which involve, for example, the Chinese state.

The Committee also explores how the Government should respond to resurgent physical threats to maritime supply chains emerging in the Red Sea.


Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

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