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29 January 2024 - The UK’s economic security - Oral evidence

Committee National Security Strategy (Joint Committee)
Inquiry The UK’s economic security

Monday 29 January 2024

Start times: 4:00pm (private) 4:30pm (public)

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New inquiry opens on the UK’s national economic security 

On Monday 29 January the Committee hold the first oral evidence session in its new inquiry on the UK’s economic security

Meeting details

At 4:30pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry The UK’s economic security
Senior Policy Fellow at European Council on Foreign Relations
Visiting Professor at The Policy Institute, King’s College London
Professor of Economics at University of Warwick

The inquiry aims to determine what the risks and vulnerabilities are to the UK’s economic security and will scrutinise whether the Government has the necessary powers and capabilities in place to intervene in the economy on national security grounds, to enforce economic deterrence measures and enhance economic resilience.

In December the Committee reported on the growing economic and political security threats from ransomware. In this first session of our new inquiry, academic experts in foreign affairs and international political economy will offer an overview of the economic security issues and risks facing the UK, the international context, and how effective the Government is in formulating and enforcing security-driven economic interventions such as investment screening and sanctions.


Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

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