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12 December 2023 - Work of the Financial Conduct Authority - Oral evidence

Committee Treasury Committee
Inquiry Work of the Financial Conduct Authority

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Start times: 10:00am (private) 10:15am (public)

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MPs on Treasury Committee to question FCA leadership

The Treasury Committee hears from the Chief Executive and Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of the Committee’s regular scrutiny of the regulator’s work.

In a wide-ranging session, MPs on the cross-party Committee are likely to quiz the FCA’s leadership on the issues which the regulator is currently consulting on.

Meeting details

At 10:15am: Oral evidence
Work Work of the Financial Conduct Authority (Regular evidence sessions)
Chair at Financial Conduct Authority
CEO at Financial Conduct Authority

Witnesses may also be asked whether they’ve seen any initial impact of the regulator's ‘consumer duty’, implemented over the summer. The new rules set higher expectations for the standard of care financial services firms give consumers.

Whistleblowing is another issue which may be discussed, an area of particular relevance to the Committee given their ongoing review into Sexism in the City.

Following the Committee’s influential campaign on the subject, witnesses’ views are likely to be sought on whether they believe that banks have now done enough to pass on interest rate hikes to customers using easy access savings accounts.


Room 16, Palace of Westminster

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