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12 December 2023 - UK Regulators - Oral evidence

Committee Industry and Regulators Committee
Inquiry UK Regulators

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Start times: 10:30am (private) 10:30am (public)

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Committee to discuss the role of regulators in delivering infrastructure

The Industry and Regulators Committee will continue its inquiry into the work of the UK’s regulators by hearing from the Chair and Chief Executive of the National Infrastructure Commission. The Committee will consider whether the Government has given regulators clear enough direction to ensure the delivery of key infrastructure, including in relation to the balance between affordable bills and increased investment. The Committee will also discuss the Commission’s role in scrutinising regulators, how to measure regulators’ performance, how regulators co-operate with each other, and whether regulators have the necessary skills and resources.


Meeting details

At 10:30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry UK Regulators
Chair at National Infrastructure Commission
Chief Executive at National Infrastructure Commission

Possible questions include:

  • To what extent are regulators being expected to address political or distributional decisions, particularly in relation to the balance between affordability and investment?
  • How independent are the UK’s major regulators? Are they capable of resisting political pressures and speaking truth to power where necessary?
  • Could the National Infrastructure Commission play a greater role in overseeing regulatory activities that relate to delivering infrastructure?
  • How easy is it to measure and judge regulators’ performance, and to what extent can metrics be used to do so in addition to qualitative evidence?


Room 4, Palace of Westminster

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