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Formal meeting (oral evidence session): Artificial Intelligence Committee – follow-up

Liaison Committee (Lords)
Artificial Intelligence Committee – follow-up

Wednesday 14 October 2020

Start times: 9.15am (private) 9.30am (public)

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Follow-up to the recommendations of the Artificial Intelligence Committee

In the review of investigative and scrutiny committees, the Liaison Committee recommended that the Committee may hold a small number of evidence sessions to follow-up a special inquiry committee's recommendations. The first follow-up session will take place on Wednesday 14 October and will cover the recommendations of the Artificial Intelligence Committee. The Liaison Committee will be joined by Lord Hollick, Lord St John of Bletso, Baroness Rock, Lord Bishop of Oxford and the former Chair of the Artificial Intelligence Committee, Lord Clement-Jones.

Meeting details

At 9.30am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Artificial Intelligence Committee – follow-up
Regius Prof of Computer Science at The University of Southampton
Professor of Computer Science at University of Oxford
Fellow in Economics at Balliol College
At 10.15am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Artificial Intelligence Committee – follow-up
Deputy Information Commissioner at Information Commissioner's Office
Director at Ada Lovelace Institute
Chair at Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation
At 11.00am: Oral evidence
Inquiry Artificial Intelligence Committee – follow-up
Director, Digital and Technology policy at Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Possible questions are:

  • What are the biggest opportunities and risks associated with AI over the coming five years?
  • Is the UK an attractive place to learn about AI, and to work in it?
  • What is the best way to ensure the ethical development and use of AI by government, industry and academia?
  • Is the UK’s regulatory framework and extent of governance in the public and private sector fit-for-purpose for the pace of development of AI? Does it address the potential implications of its use?
  • Do the departments, agencies and bodies involved in the development of AI policy in the UK work together effectively?
  • Is the Government where they want to be in terms of their AI strategy? What are its priorities for the next year, three years and five years for AI?
  • How does the Government use AI currently? Where would it like to use it? What governance framework does it have in place both for use and procurement.

It is anticipated that the Liaison Committee will publish a report on the outcome of the evidence session with a Government response to the report and a debate in the Chamber of the House of Lords to follow.


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