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22 November 2023 - Mapping the path to net zero - Oral evidence

Environmental Audit Committee
Mapping the path to net zero

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Start times: 2:30pm (private) 3:15pm (public)

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Climate Change Committee’s Chris Stark to discuss with MPs the impact of recent policy changes on the UK’s net zero goal

The Climate Change Committee’s Chief Executive, Chris Stark, will appear before the Environmental Audit Committee for a one-off session to discuss the Government’s recently revised net zero policies and its response to the CCC’s annual report on progress in reducing emissions.

Meeting details

At 3:15pm: Oral evidence
Inquiry Mapping the path to net zero
Chief Executive at Climate Change Committee

The Committee is expected to discuss the CCC’s assessment of the impact of these policy revisions—including amended timetables for phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and fossil fuel boilers—on the UK’s net zero ambitions. Last month, the CCC indicated that as a result of the policy changes, the 2050 net zero target was likely to be harder to meet: in particular, the revised policy measures for decarbonising buildings was likely to create widespread uncertainty for consumers and supply chains.

Members will wish to examine the policy areas where Ministerial focus is most required so as to ensure the UK remains on track to meet net zero.

The evidence session with Chris Stark follows the exchange of correspondence between the Environmental Audit Committee and UK Ministers on the policy revisions announced by the Prime Minister on 20 September 2023. The correspondence can be accessed on the Committee’s website here.

It comes ahead of the COP28 summit in Dubai, which opens on 30 November and where the UK is expected to play an active role in pressing for more ambitious global action on decarbonisation.


Room 6, Palace of Westminster

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