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12 December 2023 - Creator remuneration - Oral evidence

Committee Culture, Media and Sport Committee
Inquiry Creator remuneration

Tuesday 12 December 2023

Start times: 9:30am (private) 10:20am (public)

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Creator remuneration: What is the experience of songwriters and composers in the music industry?

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee hears from multiple Grammy-winning musician Nile Rodgers as it quizzes experts and industry bodies on issues of creator remuneration for songwriters and composers.  

This is the second session in a series of non-inquiry sessions on Creator remuneration. These sessions dovetail the Committee’s exploration of remuneration issues that have been considered in the Committee's inquiries on the Economics of music streaming, the Impact of Covid-19 on the DCMS sectors and Cultural placemaking.  In the previous evidence session, MPs looked at the issues of fair remuneration for creatives working across a breadth of industries. 

Meeting details

At 10:00am: Oral evidence
Work Creator remuneration (Non-inquiry session)
At 10:20am: Oral evidence
Work Creator remuneration (Non-inquiry session)
Professor of Media, Music and Culture, University of Leeds
music industry executive, artist manager, and entrepreneur
artist, producer and Chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame
Lecturer in the Business of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of York
At 11:30am: Oral evidence
Work Creator remuneration (Non-inquiry session)
Chief Executive at Music Publishers Association
singer-songwriter, record producer and board director at The Ivors Academy

The cross-party Committee questions the first panel about whether they have seen a ‘complete reset’ in the music streaming industry to fairly reward performers and creators, as recommended in the Committee’s 2021 music streaming report. MPs are likely to ask about music creators’ and songwriters' earnings, revenue splits between recording and publishing and the rise of foreign language music. They could also discuss the consolidation of the music industry dominated by the three major music groups and concerns about competition within the recording industry.

With the second panel, MPs probe songwriter remuneration and views on the experiences of songwriters and composers in the music industry. Questions could be asked about the independent publishing sector, the valuation of song rights and the talent pipeline for emerging songwriters. Concerns about AI, and whether it is disrupting songwriting and publishing, may also be discussed.  


The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

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