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4 December 2023 - Victims' Payments Board - Oral evidence

Committee Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
Inquiry Victims' Payments Board

Monday 4 December 2023

Start times: 4:00pm (private) 4:30pm (public)

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Troubles victims’ compensation scheme to be examined by MPs

Northern Ireland’s compensation scheme for victims permanently injured in the Troubles will be examined by MPs in a Northern Ireland Affairs Committee evidence session next week.

The session is an opportunity for MPs to understand victims’ experience of the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme so far, including how the scheme safeguards them against reliving past trauma and whether the scheme goes far enough to support them.  

Meeting details

At 4:30pm: Oral evidence
Work Victims' Payments Board (Non-inquiry session)
Commissioner at Commission for Victims and Survivors Northern Ireland
Professor of Psychiatry and Author of the Rapid Review April 2021 (TPDPS) at Queens University Belfast
Professor of Mental Health Sciences, and Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland at Ulster University
At 5:30pm: Oral evidence
Work Victims' Payments Board (Non-inquiry session)
President at Victims' Payments Board
Secretary at Victims' Payments Board
Director of Victims and Survivors at The Executive Office, Northern Ireland

Representatives of the Victims’ Payments Board are among the witnesses giving evidence. Established in 2021, the independent Board assesses the applications made under the scheme, determining who is eligible to receive annual payments of up to £11,490 for permanent injury and psychological harm caused during the Troubles.

Representatives from the Board and the Executive Office, which oversees the scheme’s implementation, will likely face questions concerning: 

  • assessment delays, given that only approximately 10% of applications have resulted in a decision so far;  
  • calls to extend the applications deadline; and 
  • when to expect the scheme’s statutory review. 


Room 5, Palace of Westminster

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